Are you interested to know of open positions, grants or general opportunities? This is the place to find them! This page is devoted to advertise job/grants opportunities.

If you are interested in advertising an opportunity here, please send an email to criptolatinos2021 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  • SandboxAQ

    SandboxAQ is looking for both a Cryptography Software Engineer and a Lead Cryptography Software Engineer

    Please feel free to apply over the first and second roles, respectively.

  • Algorand Foundation

    Algorand Foundation is looking for proposals from higher education institutions and non-profit research organisations who want to build and run multidisciplinary centres which advance research and support applied education in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Research in this programme is intended to be interdisciplinary, covering the myriad aspects related to blockchains and their applications, including the fields of computer science, economics, finance, law, applicable social sciences, arts and more.

    The programme is being launched with a budget of a total value of 100,000,000 ALGO for the next ten years (at the time of writing this is the equivalent of about 200M USD).

    We would like to see you as part of the applicants to the program. They target a wide range of performers and institutions. Indeed, they put a strong emphasis on diversity: from diversity of research areas to people diversity to geographic diversity for applying institutions.

    Please find the complete request for proposals here.

    The deadline for submitting letters of intent is Friday, November 12, 2021, 05:00 p.m. EST.

    Please feel free to email them at ace (at) algorand (dot) foundation with any questions you may have.